Hello what you guys get with a premade account is an account that is on a current ps4 account that has a modded account on BO3. I made this account with a random gamer tag but has all of stuff on the account that i have listed above. I recommend that once you get the account that you change the email and the password on the account so that you know that know that its more secure. If you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me I will freely answer any questions that you have. Again thanks for checking out my website 🙂

What you will receive on the Pre-Made account ( I also accept PSN and Xbox gift Cards USA only Contact me for info)

Level 1,000 on both Multiplayer and Zombies
Gold hero gear
Dark matter camo unlocked
70 Rare supply drops
20 No dupe drops
20 Liquid Divinium
2 Weapon Bribe
1 Camo bribe
1 3 of one kind
6 Ranged weapon bribe
6 Melee weapon Bribe

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